Welcome to ACTI

actiAt the Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute (ACTI), prospective cross-cultural Christian workers from across the world meet the real challenges of cross-cultural living in cosmopolitan Singapore.

Formal lectures give strategic information about various aspects of the world of missions, while hands-on workshops offer skill development. Through the community life, trainees learn first-hand the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, stress management, raising and keeping a missionary family together, and above all, practising true discipleship.


ACTI is currently associated with the following organizations:

  • OMF Singapore
  • SIM East Asia
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators Singapore
  • The Navigators Singapore
  • CNEC (Partners International) Singapore
  • FOMOS (Fellowship Of Missional Organizations of Singapore)

Who would benefit from being at ACTI?

Missionary candidates:  anyone being sent out by a church or agency as a missionary or tentmaker; especially beneficial for longer commitments (2 or more years).

Missionaries on home assignment:  An opportunity for some fine tuning!

Anyone wishing to understand the relationship between cultures and the gospel.


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